Engineering assignments aren’t for everyone. For the ones they are, they provide an excellent way to earn their living. Some turn to assignments to keep their skills up-to-date and to keep themselves moving, others to be able to have the freedom to do more than just work. Each person has their own story and situation. Where we come in, is to find the best fit between competent engineers and businesses.

The modern organization is optimized to be able to withstand the everyday workload. If, for one reason or another, there’s a temporary need for more hands a business will look for help, often via freelancers. Finding the right hires is just as crucial as when filling a permanent position. Due to the nature of the work – its duration and uncertainty – the company should be also willing to invest more. We believe the difference shouldn’t only land on the employing company’s bank accounts.

This is why we pay our engineers a bigger portion of our client’s fee, than what is generally expected. Our thinking is that although our policy might earn us less per hour, in the long run it will also result in more hours and days done. The central part of our practice is to have both the engineers and our clients and employers be satisfied with the work. With us, you work depending on the situation out of our offices, remotely from your home or on-site at the customer. You work independently, as part of the customer team or you might even lead your own design team over in our Indian subsidiary.

Gig engineering is one way to get one’s foot in the door. If your CV is lacking that first important employment, the situation is always trickier among more experienced candidates. By taking an engineering assignment you gain more experience and vision, making them a more interesting hire in future. On the other hand, one might find that freelancing just works for them, also in the long term. Depending on the situation, both in professional and private life, freelancing might be the best fit at the moment.

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