It’s necessary to really understand your client and their goals. Only then it’s possible to find and offer the best solution for them. Often this solution lies in finding the right person.

Choosing the right person begins with competence. It’s necessary to have the right knowhow and to have the ability to build on it and adapt to any special requirements of a given project. Compatibility on the other hand, has to do with how well the individual’s and company’s personalities and characteristics mesh together. The former details can be mainly learned by looking at the CV, while the latter calls for a closer look into the parties. Understanding an organization comes from understanding their field, from partnerships and personally meeting people, having the conversations. This wouldn’t be possible without years of experience, and it’s why we can offer our clients more than just a bundle of CV’s of the possible candidates.

The Finnish manufacturing sector has been, and is, thriving specifically due to its competence. This is the area where we can also offer our help. We will get to know our clients as well as their projects and meet up with the candidates. Combining these pieces of information results in the insights and confidence to make the best possible matches. Finding the best matches is our specialty and what keeps us running.

We find the right profiles either in our network in Finland or India. Should the capacity need be large or urgency high, we can flexibly provide design services out of our FinECHO-subsidiary in Pune, India.

Challenges in competence resourcing of the technology sector

  1. The competence need is often temporary and timing thus hard to predict
  2. Competence needs are often multi-faceted lacking universal solutions
  3. Hourly based demand tends to attract supply of volume-oriented vendors
  4. In global competition it is hard to favour 100% locally produced consulting services
  5. Growing number of links in subcontracting chains inevitably increase customer price paid
  6. Exit speed of retiring engineers exceeds influx of new recruits, while pace of tapping migration potential is still sluggish

Right skills,
right people,
right solutions

Flexibility in technical consulting resourcing solutions

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