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On behalf of our subsidiary ECHO Engineering Oy ( we now look for PACKAGING ENGINEERS.
ECHO Engineering provides technical consulting services on-site in Finland or off-shore in India. Only founded in 2019, net sales in 2020 were already a good 1,4m€.

As Packaging Engineer, you will design and develop innovative packaging solutions with your knowledge of technology, materials and competitive analysis.


- Minimum bachelor’s degree, preferably in Mechanical Engineering or relevant area.
- Relevant experience.
- Knowledge in 3D CAD programs.
- Experience in steel, wood, plastics and/or fiber based materials.
- Experience in manufacturing or engineering is considered a plus.
- Strong communication skills, ability to share and present test results to various stakeholders.


- Develop innovative structures for packaging solutions and handling/transport tooling/ wooden pallets.
- Create 3D-CAD models and technical product documentation.
- Perform packaging release and material testing, including create test documentation.
- Materials & products research.
- Work with packaging designs and identify improvements, including prototyping and testing.
- Produce prototypes of packaging solutions.

If you are interested, please fill in your application with your CV at asap.


Mats Lindholm: +358 40 5511481

Fabienne Moisy: +358 40 154 9157

Haku päättyy: 31.07.2021


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